Cube world what are the classes

Monde cubic is released right now. You will have the chance to choose between four different classes when you start the game. Each class has something that makes them unique in the player’s experience, and they change the entire experience when you enter the game. What are these differences? Each class comes with two specializations.

Cube class classes


Do you want to start magic and invoke spells against your enemies? You have chosen the right role. You will have the opportunity to throw magic at the end of your fingers and send them fly to anyone on your passage. You will find your spells launched at different times, with basic attacks ranging fast enough, but stronger and heavier strikes will take longer to be invoked and consume a lot of MP.

You have two specializations at your disposal, fire mage and water mage. If you are a mage of fire, you will have the opportunity to use dangerous attacks to burn allies. A powerful attack, Fire Spark, gives you the opportunity to instantly launch your next special attack. When you are a mage of water, your attack speed is increased and you can cure your allies. Whenever you hit an opponent, your drive speed increases.


  • Fire explosion (mage of fire): You launch a powerful explosion that burns nearby enemies and pushes them. Has a chance to stun the enemies.
  • Healing Streaming (Water Mage): You launch a magic water jet to cure the selected ally or yourself. This skill becomes an area of ​​effect in the future.
  • Mana Shield: You are protected by a magic shield that absorbs damage 30 seconds
  • Teleport: You are teleping at the selected location.

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Do you prefer to keep your distance and cause damage from afar? Take an arc and keep your eyes away from the sun because you want to choose to become a store. Their attacks have a charged attack that they can build, which gives them a substantial impact on their distance attacks.

The two specializations of the Ranger are Snipers and Scouts. If you follow the elite shooter route, you will want to focus on your reach to destroy your enemies and attacks will have an increased attack speed whenever you will hit your opponent. If you prefer to be a little faster, run in scout. Your attacks will be lucky as your next special attack has an instant load.


  • Purpose (shooter): You lay down and you camouflez with discretion. Stealth increases the damage, the chances of critical blow and regenerates the PMs. Stealth is canceled if you are moving.
  • Scout’s Swiftness (Scout): Thanks to your agility, you can move and attack more quickly. Lasts 10 seconds
  • Kick: you push all the enemies in the screamed with a bold kick. Enemies can be stunned.
  • Retirement: You skip back to look for a shelter.


Do you prefer to stick to the shadows and strive to hit your enemies with management errors? It’s time to go to the shade with the thief. You will find you to avoid a lot of attacks from your enemy, which will prevent you from making you touch while you move, because you can maneuver in full fight. Your special attacks are also instantaneous.

The specialties of the thief are the assassin and the ninja. If you choose the path of the assassins, you will use sneaky attacks and surprises to defeat your opponents. Stealth will increase your chances of inflicting a critical shot and regenerate your member. For those who prefer the Ninja, you will further attack your opponents and move in the open air.


  • Camouflage (Assassin): You camouflage furtive enemies even in combat. Stealth increases the damage, the chances of critical blow and the regeneration of PMs.
  • Shuriken attack (Ninja): You make a backflip to look for a shelter and launch several shurikens on your enemies.
  • Interception: You move quickly to the selected location and attack nearby enemies with your unique ability.
  • Sneak: You hide in the shadows to camouflage you. Stealth increases the damage, the chances of critical blow and the regeneration of PMs.


The last option in MONDE Cubique You can choose is the warrior. When you are the warrior, you will have to hit your opponents again and again to launch massive attacks and strengthen your MP. Your member will power your attacks loaded by making them more powerful.

Your two choices of specialization as a warrior are the Berserker and the goalkeeper. Those who choose the Berserker will undergo big damage to each attack, which increases their overall speed. The other option, guardian, is rather the Tank option for your game. You will be able to absorb extra damage by giving your skills with a sword combination and shield. You will also have better health.


  • War Frenzy (Berserker): You enter a war frenzy and can you charge special attacks faster. Lasts 10 seconds.
  • Heroic strike (goalkeeper): You narrate all nearby enemies by forcing them to attack you in the place of the group members. This movement takes you, as well as your team.
  • Cyclone: ​​You turn for a moment, the Shift key is maintained and you attack all the enemies around you. Blocks incoming attacks
  • Smash: You jump to the selected place and crush nearby enemies.

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