Captain to lead the battlefield Black Desert Calling Awakening Add

Pulse showed the ‘Cursed’ awakening class on the 11th, black desert PC and console.

Black Desert Online - Complete MEAT GATHERING Guide - Starting 50+ MILLION SILVER AN HOUR

The awakening Caller uses Patra Car as a main meat and is a class that commands the battlefield with the ‘Buddhism’. It has a variety of attacking technologies such as a lot of enemies and responding to the enemies, and responding to the enemies. As a representative skill, he holds the initiation of the captain, the temptation of seawater, the temptation of seawater, and the wake of the sun and the captain supporting the attack.

Pulse, Bis performs events, such as increased technology experience, and consumer response compensation. The Iplayer can acquire the advice of [Event] forces, and a solid black crystal piece. In addition, the ‘silver shopping event’ is also proceeding. Players can purchase boxes, crocalsts, etc. of Shacaatu, by August 24.

Details of black desert cursive awakening updates and events can be found through the official website.

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