Walter fights against the Schlendrian – Kicke

Tim Walter is not fundamentally known for things unintentionally or uncommon out of him. Hamburg’s coach has very accurate ideas about what he wants. And also a concrete timetable, as he intends to come to the destination. His harsh criticism after unnecessarily scared 2: 1 cup victory in Braunschweig is therefore to be understood as a clear finger tie to his professionals: negligence is prohibited.

On the press conference inside the Eintracht-Stadium, the 45-year-old had chosen a little milder words on Sunday evening than just before on the Sky microphone (“Such a gate as we collected it is a joke when a throw on me is thrown and thrown and thrown I do not come in position, I missed my job “), but the message remains unchanged. “After our 1-0 leadership, we did not have the willingness to get out of the optimum. But we have to have this willingness over 90 minutes.”

Shadowverse - That's... not how that works.

Walter also has noticed a phenomenon in the third commercial game when the HSV has been cranking various cadles for years and failed on the several coach. Naturally, he could not fix in a few weeks, which has not succeeded in his predecessors for years. The request to bring individual from the comfort zone but is obvious. And the directness with which he addressed the problems in Braunschweig is his remedy.

Walter is convinced to come to the destination. To the players, he reveals, he has already directed these significant words in the half-time break and finds: “The reaction was good.” The former M√ľnchner Zuchwuchtrainer says, “The longer we are together, the more the team develops mentality. If we have the absolute readiness for over 90 minutes, it is difficult to play against us.” If this is missing, the HSV itself is vulnerable to an overall rather Biederen third division. In the league life anyway. This is readable at the seasonal curves of the past three years.

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