The next major update of GTA Online will be released next week on Tuesday, July 20

Rockstar announced on its news line that it would update the Los Santos tuner for GTA Online. Starting next week, you can pimp new and old carts. The tuner update was announced as an update back in May. As the name suggests, tuner lovers should get value for money with new content. Now we finally know what is in the DLC and when it will start.

When will it be updated?

This version will be released on Tuesday, July 20th, next week. The tuner update brings the entire tuning scene to Los Santos, so some new content is included in its suitcase.

There is no time, but updates usually appear in the afternoon between 4 pm and 5 pm time.

How much does the update cost?

The Los Santos tuner update is free for all GTA Online players.

New races, cars, and new social centers

This is what you can expect in the tuner update: According to Rockstar, GTA Online is getting the entire underground tuner scene through DLC. You can look forward to new ways to pimp your shopping cart. Contents at a glance:

New car

New game

new task

A new social hub

What kind of social hub? This is a large department store on the outskirts of Cypress Flats, but it is no longer a department store. Instead, it is a meeting place for tuning freaks. You can only enter the department store as an LS-Car-Meet member, and you must leave the gun outside.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about bad guys or trolls that might destroy your car. It’s all about GTA cars.

If you pay $50,000 in GTA, you will become an LS Car Meet member and unlock a new prestigious progress branch.

Gain reputation and gain new benefits

What are the advantages?

According to Rockstar, you can gain prestige and gain new benefits after each level. You will also get a test track where you and your friends can try out the vehicle.

Through the Prize Riding Challenge, particular dealers and functions can also be activated. These include the following examples:

grocery store

Tattoo shop

Modification area

New tuning options for your car

More favorable prices for certain vehicles

Access the new racing mode

Meet in your private car

How does one gain a reputation? To do this, you must win the race, log in every day and spend time on the test track. Even if you only hang out at car parties, you have a reputation.

The test track, new races, and 17 cars

This is how the test track works: you can go head-to-head with other players or drive time lessons on the test track. You can share ways publicly with up to 30 players. With so many vehicles, it will become chaotic, so collisions are disabled.

If you don’t want to do this, you can use the test track alone or have a private conversation with your friends. In addition to the new test track, there are also recent competitions and leaderboards.

What race are they?

With the tuner update, you can compete in new competitions outside of the Auto Conference and Los Santos. The new races are called street race series, pursuit series, and sprint. Each variant has its ranking list.

The street racing series is a race through the city and should provide creative routes, including shortcuts.

Pursuit Series is a checkpoint competition. When you have to heat from a checkpoint to another checkpoint, you can choose your route more freely. Here, there are police officers on your cheeks.

You must get from point A to point B as quickly as possible with three other drivers in the sprint.

Where’s the new cart?

Of course, there are also new vehicles available for this. There should also be more various vehicles. Throughout the summer, a total of 17 new models will be put into use. After the update is released, it will contain ten models:

Karin Calico GTF

Karin Futo GTX

Annes Euro

Vapid Dominator GTT

Annes ZR350

Dinka RT3000

Vulkar Warrener HKR

Obey the tailgate S.

Dinka the Joker RR

Annes Remus

You can now get rewards.

Anyone who played GTA Online before its release on July 20th has a chance to receive a special reward: the Los Santos Tour jacket. All you have to do is log in and participate in the impromptu competition by July 20th.

If you also successfully steal the car and sell it in accessible mode at LS Customs, you will receive a Los Santos Customs protective suit.

How do you get rewards?

You only need to log in before July 20. After that, these items will enter your closet on July 23.

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