Outriders completely change the loot to save the game

Outriders encountered many problems after the release. One of the biggest criticisms is the too-hard training of the legendary loot. In the last update, the drop rate of People Can Fly has doubled. Is it helpful? Give you an overview of the current situation of loot shooting games. So far, the problem with Outriders is this: April 1, 2021, and after the release is not smooth. It all started with free demos and successful sales data. Outriders are the success of the publisher Square Enix.

But the loot shooter encountered a significant problem matching from the beginning, and countless mistakes made the player’s life difficult.

One of the most severe incidents is the inventory error, which just caused some players’ equipment to disappear. People Can Fly took more than a month to find a solution.

When it was released, many Playstation users could not log in to Outriders, and later similar problems also occurred on Xbox consoles.

After the update, armor errors followed, which caused a lot of setbacks in the endgame. The opponent suddenly caused more damage in the final stage, and sometimes a very strange one-hit kill. Similarly, People Can Fly took nearly a month to find a solution.

In general, players complain about the problems of multiplayer games. Many outriders only play single-player games because cooperative games lag too much.

The annoying trolls also caused a lot of trouble, thereby plundering players’ hard-won rewards.

Over time, the grind in the endgame has also become a frustrating factor. Criticism: Legendary loot is too rare, and the chance of dropping is unfair. Some players even created because of the week drop rate.

Outriders lost many players during this time, partly due to problems, and Outriders is not a service game like Destiny 2 or The Division 2.

Nonetheless, developers have tried to improve the situation through numerous updates. In the last update, the drop chance of legendary loot has been increased by 100%.

How do you feel after the last patch?

Players have generally welcomed the change in the drop probability of the legend. Many Outriders are now reporting their luck with loot and are ultimately worth honing in the final game.

Especially in the subreddit of Outriders, you can see a better mood. Although most people have posted disappointing posts in the past few months and a lot of criticism of developers, now the feedback is much more positive.

What are the problems?

Even though the situation has finally stabilized since the release, players still have a few criticisms. Most importantly, the final stage of the expedition is a hot topic.

How does this work?

This is about completing specific tasks within a time frame. The faster you are, the better the final reward.

The problem is the time frame that has plagued many players since the release of Outriders. Because this is good for buildings that cause a lot of damage. Cooperative interaction and combinations of different categories and game styles gradually become the background.

In addition, this final form is monotonous. Therefore, many Outriders want new endgame variants and more content.

Is there an extension or direct Outriders 2?

What’s next for Outriders? Outriders and developers of People Can Fly still have a lot of work to do. Technology updates will continue to come. But other than that? Since the game is very popular with publisher Square Enix, it can be assumed that you want to develop on this basis.

As of May 19th, we already know that publishers now consider Outriders as one of their following large franchises.

So it is very likely that there will be DLC extensions. If the shooting game is successful, the developers have confirmed this before the Outriders release.

It was also said that DLC was mainly a large-scale expansion of the main storyline. So you can be very curious about what the future will bring.

However, if Square Enix prefers to work directly on Outriders 2 instead of relying on the DLC, it would not be surprising. So we can only wait and see.

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