What can you do with the WOW Iridescent Rod, and how do you get it?

In today’s wow item focus, Cortyn shows you a toy from World of Warcraft, from which you can have a lot of fun because it creates a new mini-game. Most of the toys in World of Warcraft are just visual changes and are not very useful. However, some exceptions even allow the use of brand new mini-games in World of Warcraft. Rainbow Stick is one such project. It creates a tactical game of distraction and skill.

What is an Iridescent Rod?

The dazzling wand is one of the countless toys in World of Warcraft. When used, she will give the character a magic wand.

Then the character can fire arcane bullets for a period, which is very visually impressive and can fly nearly 70-80 meters. This is farther than most spells in the game.

What can you do with Iridescent Rod?

A small game to kill time. If you use the iridescent wand, you will get a 5-minute buff. This will deactivate your normal abilities and provide your character with a small wand-this rod gives it its name. As long as you have this buff, you can launch a relatively large arcane ball in the direction of your character by activating the new ability Rainbow Lightning. The bullet flies very far and does not cause harm.

However, if the ball hits a target that activates the rainbow stick, the target will be stunned, and an audible signal will be emitted.

This is the Warcraft version of Laser Tag and an exciting pastime:

They were arguing over who should get a beautiful piece of equipment? Use Iridescent Rod’s duel to decide it.

Some people in the guild urgently need to plant grass for the guild bank, but no one wants it? Let the iridescent wand decide.

Is the panda tank exploded, or is it to wait for the treatment druid to adjust the metamorphosis for the tenth time this week? Pass the time with a rainbow-colored stick.

In some areas such as Die Aldor – there are even regular small role-playing tournaments around iridescent wands, in which teams compete with each other and try to hit the opponent’s arcane ball in the face. Then, this will be done in a defined area with fixed game rules.

But, of course, you can also jump around each other while trying to hit the arcane ball in the faces of other players – which is fun at least.

How to get the iridescent wand?

If you know where to look, Iridescent Rod is straightforward to get. Go to the continent of Draenor, where the expansion piece King of Draenor is located.

Head to the Tanaan Jungle and head north to the port. You can enter a tower at the coordinates 43.0 / 35.8, and at the top (42.9 / 35.3), you can see the rainbow-colored poles. All you have to do is loot the rod and use it from your inventory. The toy has been added to your collection, and it will be available to all characters in your account in the future.

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