Guild Wars 2 MMORPG 3 things and three mistakes to avoid

Guild Wars 2 is currently one of the most successful Western MMORPGs. Compared with similar games, it does something different. Guild Wars 2 was released in 2012 and had some interesting methods. MMORPG relies on a zoom system through which a level 80 player loses a lot of power in a low-level area. In addition, it has no sacred trinity and classic content for a long time, such as raids or item spirals. During this period, some of these aspects have changed, while others have remained the same. However, the new MMORPG can learn a lot from the positives and negatives of Guild Wars 2.

I have summarized the content here.

Everyone in Guild Wars 2 should do this

Events in the open world

One of Guild Wars 2’s greatest assets is open world events. There is nothing better than spontaneously entering a chain of events involving dozens of players, which also impacts the environment.

For example, in the hinterland of Harathi, there are many fortresses for players to fight centaur. If all these fortresses are captured, you can fight against the centaur leader and get rich loot.

Another example is the dragon resistance card, which only challenges and fights the ancient dragon Mordmus. But the map restarts every 2 hours, and I fight with other players from the north to the south of the map. In the end, the old dragon himself was waiting, and he also offered a few minutes of resistance, repeatedly destroying the entire group of players.

These world events in Guild Wars 2 are extraordinary because they are everywhere and continue to attract players. Although I can deliberately jump into these events with the help of a timer, I may accidentally be taken away by a large group of players.

For each new map, I look forward to trying recent world events or boss battles with many players.

Action-packed combat system

Although Guild Wars 2 relies on the label positioning system, what MMORPG does with it is impressive:

Almost all skills can be used while running

Due to the dodging character, the battle is more dynamic overall

Switching weapons during battle allows me to switch freely between close-range and long-range combat

There are many sports-related skills (jumping, rolling, teleporting, etc.)

There is no global cooldown for skills like SWTOR

In addition, Guild Wars 2 relies on an exciting combination system. Specific skills such as firewalls or lava wells are counted as so-called “domains.” Using terminators in such areas will produce additional effects, such as fire explosions or burning arrows when shooting.

Overall, this means that Guild Wars 2 provides one of the best and smoothest combat systems of all MMORPGs. By the way, every new game can learn something from it. Just like appropriate equipment in PvP, it will never play a role in the arena.

Armor dye

Guild Wars 2 is also nicknamed Fashion Wars 2, and this is for a good reason. The game provides a variety of armor, weapons, back accessories, and clothing, which can change my character’s appearance. In addition, there is a metamorphosis system through which I can only unlock the skin once and then use it endlessly.

However, the real highlight of Fashion Wars 2 is the color system. Each piece of armor or clothing has several color slots, which can be colored as needed. Currently (as of June 25), there are 606 different colors in the game.

Therefore, if you like to design your equipment, Guild Wars 2 will give you value for money.

These Guild Wars 2 errors should be avoided in other MMORPGs

Opaque updates and story structure

The biggest problem for newcomers is the update and story structure because it has two main weaknesses.

On the one hand, Guild Wars 2 lacks some story content that can never be repeated and leaves a blank for novices in the story.

On the other hand, even if other people get old episodes for free, players must buy old episodes.

What’s wrong with the story?

The story of Guild Wars 2 begins with a personal account. This revolves around the adventure between level 1 and level 80.

What follows is the first season of the lifeworld in the chronicle. But it is this season that is very special because these events only stayed in the game for 2 to 4 weeks. After that, they were removed forever. For live broadcast players, this is an exciting experience. However, for latecomers and newcomers, about 1.5 years of history are missing. So far, developers have not been able to close this gap intelligently.

What’s wrong with the update?

If you purchase the latest expanded version of Path of Fire, you will have access to the base game and the first expanded version of “Heart of Thorns.” But between the two, there will always be a new season, with a few episodes of the lifeworld.

And players must purchase these seasons separately unless they broadcast the episode when it appears online. Then give it away for free. In addition, players may own a few episodes of the season, but not all of them.

Simply put, those who purchase Path of Fire today will have access to the following story content:

The story of the base game-yes

The story of the first season of The Living World-No, never

The story of the second season of Lifeworld-yes, if you pay

The level of the heart of thorns-yes

The story of the third season of the living world-yes, if you pay

Fire Story-Yes

The Living World Season 4 story-yes, if you pay

The story of Lifeworld season 5 and this season-yes, if you pay, it will be the last episode.

Quite a messy system. No other MMORPG should be used.

Poor communication with players

Fans of almost all games in the world will complain about developers’ poor communication. But in Guild Wars 2, this took me to a whole new level because you feel time and time again that they will eventually interact with their community but give up everything or be rude a few days later.

Examples of new plugins:

Before releasing Heart of Thorns, new information was being shared almost every day for nine months.

At the time of the release, the developers suddenly became very quiet.

After the release, I was very hesitant to respond to the community’s requirements, but the community must deal with some errors and problems. Nor did it meet high expectations. There is hardly any information about new content or the future of the game.

The next Addon Path of Fire has a critical announcement event, and the expansion appeared 1.5 months later. There is hardly any hype or regular new information.

It now seems similar to the upcoming expansion End of Dragons.

Examples of raids:

With Heart of Thorns, Guild Wars 2 won its first raid in history.

Over time, six more were added, but they were getting worse in quality and difficulty.

There has been no derailment for two full years. When asked if there will be another raid, the developer did not answer.

Examples of PvP:

During testing and release, many people were talking about e-sports or large PvP tournaments.

But suddenly, the topic was almost entirely silent.

In 2014, two years after its release, the first game started with ESL. Get an immediate prize of 50,000 or 200,000 USD in all tournaments.

In the summer of 2016, the entire e-sports operation was shut down almost overnight. There has been no sound since then.

Pure horizontal progress

This is the most controversial point on this list. Because one of the significant features of Guild Wars 2 is that there is no upper limit of upgrade level, and there is no item spiral. Anyone who bought the most considerable armor-sublimated armor in 2012 will still have perfect equipment in 2021.

This aspect makes Guild Wars 2 the most casual and most suitable MMORPG for beginners. However, this also means that you will soon lose your goal.

Although I like this system as a multi-MMORPG player, I know that at some point, players will lose interest in Guild Wars 2. But to keep people engaged in the game for a long time, I think it makes sense to make regular adjustments, which means you have to understand the new device.

However, there are restrictions:

New item levels should not be introduced too frequently, and not every dungeon or raid should be increased. In PvP, equipment should be fair and should not be effective. The focus here is on skills.

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