Which are The Best mobile games for IOS and Android in 2021?

You like to play with your friends or partner with two people, but you don’t meet frequently? Then you will be pleased with our list of useful free mobile apps for Android and iOS: these games allow you to enjoy two people at a distance.

How did we choose?

When we select a game for this list, several parameters are important to us, including:

The game should be famous and have at least four stars in the app store

The game should be free to download and play so that no one is forced to spend money

Variety of genre combinations is essential because not everyone has the same preferences

The game must have a competitive or cooperative multiplayer mode that can be run remotely. Of course, if you are together, you can also play games locally.

Integrated voice chat is also ideal, but there are some practical solutions.

How can you talk to each other without voice chat?

The game will be more enjoyable when you can talk to each other. Therefore, voice chat is an ideal choice, but not all games integrate such features. But this is easy to solve, such as the easy-to-use Discord application. You can use it to set up discussion groups, or you can communicate via text. Discord is available for free under the link provided in GooglePlay or AppStore.

LUDO King-a popular board game in between

What kind of application is that? Ludo King is a popular board game application from India. Up to 4 players (or six if you are playing locally) must roll the dice to move the four pieces from the starting area to the center. The game is reminiscent of I don’t annoy people and is based on the ancient Indian board game Parchisi. In addition, the popular Snakes & Ladders game is now integrated into the app. You must move your character to the ladder to avoid stepping on the snake on the board.

The game has various themes and skins, giving it another look. You can also use the integrated voice chat and find other players via Facebook.

How is the score? Ludo King has more than 75 million reviews in the Google Play store with a rating of 4.2.

Why is this application suitable for two people? A moody board game or ladder game like Ludo is always a fun pastime, perfect for playing a few rounds with your partner. In addition, there are practical voice chat functions and lower hardware requirements.

If only one person in your relationship has a high-end phone, the app will run smoothly even on older devices. In any case, Ludo King is a good game, suitable for two people to play a fun game during a voice chat at night.


Low hardware requirements

Integrated voice chat

Straightforward gameplay


Pure gambling without depth

Partial connection problem

You can download the application from the following link in GooglePlay or Apple’s AppStore.

PUBG Mobile-Battle Royale Team

What kind of application is that? PUBG Mobile is the mobile version of the battle royale game PUBG. The gameplay is very similar to the big game. PUBG is, after all, a pioneer of this type. PUBG Mobile is considered to be one of the best battle royale games on mobile phones.

How is the score? On Google Play, PUBG Mobile has 4.3 stars and more than 37,000,000 ratings.

Why is this application suitable for two people? PUBG can play Big All Against the Holocaust, but there is also a two-player mode. Two players play together as a team, and if at least one player can win in the end, they can also win together.

Fighting together for survival is, of course, an effective way to improve relationships, provided that one partner will not disappoint the other because of poor performance. But even so, if you, as a better player, help your partner and provide tips (but don’t take our relationship tips too seriously), it can also strengthen the relationship.


A giant battle royale with up to 100 players

Integrated voice chat

Constantly updated content and activities


Partial connection problem

Liar is a problem

If you want to play this game, you can download it for free from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Kahoot-Fun Quiz Fun

What kind of application is that? Kahoot allows you to organize quizzes and quiz games on various topics and events. The app also clearly advertises that it can be used for testing in school classrooms. You can create your quiz tasks or choose from a large pool.

How is the score? On Google Play, Kahoot has a rating of 4.6 with 331,727 reviews.

Why is this application suitable for two people? The great Advantage of Kahoot is that you can not only choose a given topic, but you can also create a quiz tailored specifically for your friends or partners. Your best friend is a Harry Potter nerd through and through. Do you want to ask him some very obscure questions? Then you have a great opportunity here!


Choose ready-made quiz questions

Choose to take your quiz


Part of off-road vehicles

You can download Kahoot for free on GooglePlay or AppStore using the provided link.

Song Pop 3-Fun Guessing Song

What kind of application is that? Do you all like music? Then you have the ideal application for you. Because Song Pop 3-Guess the Song is to guess the song you just heard from the short film.

How is the score? On Google Play, Song Pop 3 has a rating of 4.0 with 3,271 reviews.


Large selection of songs

The choice between real-time and asynchronous playback


Annoying tutorial

The trouble with the ad-free version

You can download Song Pop 3 for free on GooglePlay or AppStore using the provided link.

The Sims Mobile-The Sims Mobile

What kind of application is that? This app brings the gameplay of the popular game The Sims to your smartphone. Like the original version, you create your own Sim, and then you can create a virtual presence for him or her. This also includes a well-designed housing system in which you can build your dream home. There are some special premium items that you can only obtain through real money or special in-game activities.

How is the score? Sims Mobile is rated 4.1 on Google Play with 1,400,158 reviews.

Why is this application suitable for two people? Using Sims as a mobile application, you and your friends can finally find a dream apartment you might like in real life. Then your Sims can go out and play together while solving their daily problems and for couples, living together as Sims can provide important information about what will happen if you do live together (please stop taking it seriously).


Lots of clothes to choose from. Furniture and function

Special activities make daily life easier

Premium currency can also be earned in the game


Annoying error

Annoying pop-ups should encourage you to spend money.

You can download The Sims Mobile for free on GooglePlay or AppStore using the provided link.

Chess-just the next round of Chess

What kind of application is that? Here, you only need to get a chess application, and you can use it to play against online people on your computer or the Internet. There is a chat. Every move is essential, and you can’t take back anything.

How is the score? On Google Play, Chess has a rating of 4.6 with 629,471 reviews.

Why is this application suitable for two people? Chess is a classic two-player game. Depending on your skill level, you can spend hours on the board and calculate the best moves. And for couples who recently watched Netflix’s excellent series The Queen’s Beginning and are now caught in the chess fever, this application is particularly suitable.


Different chess variants and chess puzzles

Online tournaments and large chess communities


Ads are annoying and may disrupt the game.

You can download Chess for free on GooglePlay or AppStore using the provided link.

Pixel Gun 3D-Minecraft style shooting game

What kind of application is that? If Pixel Gun 3D is a first-person shooter, it looks like Minecraft. So you shoot your way in a world full of pixels and blocks. The absurd selection of over 800 weapons is impressive, including swords, shotguns, and dark matter generators!

How is the score? On Google Play, Pixel Gun 3D has a rating of 4.1 with 5,685,448 reviews.


Huge selection of weapons

Many game modes and mini-games


Partial off-road vehicles and lag

Sometimes forced to spend money

You can use the provided link to download Pixel Gun 3D for free on GooglePlay or AppStore.

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