Negative Reviews in the last chapter of ARK Genesis Part 2 Dominate

What is the Ark Genesis Part 2? The DLC is located next to the last story chapter. If you don’t know exactly what this is about, you can find the entire story of the Ark and Genesis so far. In addition, some wide-ranging innovations and functions are beginning to come into play. This may include the most extensive map from ARK to date. The following is an overview of the content:

The Garden of Eden is a new starting point for beginners, with all the resources needed to survive.

Tek Trenches, a bridge between the biome and the ring of the world

Rockwell gardens and a biome that seems to merge with Rockwell himself

New creatures like Astrodelphis, a space dolphin that can ride

New weapons such as net projectiles, Tek bows with special arrows, and machine guns

Tools, structures, and cosmetics

The voice on ARK Genesis Part 2-From anger to enthusiasm, everything

This is how the DLC arrived on Steam: The DLC was only released on June 3, so there were only a few comments on Steam. Nevertheless, there are still some comments that can provide pictures of the DLC. But there is already a big difference here.

Since its release on June 3, there have been approximately 272 positive reviews.

There were 312 negative Steampowered comments.

Therefore, negative reviews dominate, even if only a tiny margin.

What is the bottom line?

Whether you like DLC depends mainly on your own needs. Anyone who wants an experience like a classic game may be disappointed. But if you want something best from ARK, you may be satisfied with Genesis’s second and last story chapters.

But what do you think of DLC? Do you like the content? Could you discuss this with us in the comments?

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