How to Find Fortnite Alien Kymera? All Locations on the map

The just-beginning season 7 of Fortnite brings new alien artifacts. Here, we show you why you need these Fortnite items and where you can find them. For this, you need alien artifacts: In Fortnite, aliens are the new theme for season 7. The Battle Pass has also been updated with new content. One of the new skins in Battle Pass is Alien Kymera. The unique thing about Kymera is that the skin can be fully customized. In addition, you can also customize the alien’s head, hair, eyes, skin, and armor. But for this, you need alien artifacts. In turn, these things are either scattered on the island or used as the contents of a cosmic treasure chest.

We will show you on the map where you can find alien artifacts.

Here you can find alien artifacts in Fortnite.

To be able to unlock the Kymera style, you need a lot of alien artifacts. As of now, there are five known locations where alien artifacts can be found.

There you will find containers, each of which can get four alien artifacts. You only need to collect the container. No further interaction is required.

Known locations of alien artifacts on the map:

In Catty Corner, you will find a tower with an ordinary loot box on top. On the middle level of the building, you will find containers containing alien artifacts.

To the west of Weeping Woods, you must go to the Durr Burger branch. There is another container in the shed behind it.

In the new crater located in the center of the Season 7 change map, you will find a container in the water. Just go to the center of the lake in the crater.

There is a minaret in the northeast of Believers Beach (formerly Khansha). You can get the next container on the stairs leading to the top of the tower.

In the northeast of the map, in the middle of the triangular cliff-steaming plank road-Corny Complex, is an orchard. There you can find more alien artifacts on the fence.

The seventh season of Fortnite has just begun. Once more alien artifacts are known, we will provide you with the latest information in Here. It can be assumed that more and more alien artifacts will be available in the next few weeks, unlocking more styles for Kymera.

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