Buy one of the Fastest Entity XXR Cars from GTA Online for free

This week, GTA Online again launched some exciting rewards. This time, Entity XXR has a fast prize car that can be snapped up in the casino. What kind of car is that Entity XXR is a fast sports car found on the podium in the casino this week. So you have a chance to win this car for free. All you have to do is spin the wheel of fortune and hope you can win the prize. However, you can only shoot once a day. NBA2KCards will show you what this car can do and other bonuses and discounts available this week.

One of the fastest cars-Entity XXR

What can a car do? In our list of top-speed GTA online cars, Entity XXR ranks 12th.

With a speed of about 206 km/h, this sports car almost missed the top 10.

This car is a two-seater

Usually, the price is around GTA 2,305,000 USD

If you want to know which other cars are the fastest in GTA Online, check out our list: these are the fastest cars in GTA Online-as of 2021

Is there any way to guarantee the prize car?

As mentioned above, you must have the right amount of luck on the wheel of fortune. However, players want to find a strategy in GTA Online that will always win the prize car in the casino.

Activity week on June 3

These are the bonuses for this week: Besides the prize car, there are some other bonuses and discounts.

Here are some of the most important examples:

CEO mission provides double GTA game Money and prestige value

Triple RP and GTA Money for land games

Particular goods bring double RP and GTA game Money.

What else is new?

The stunt update released last week added eight new stunt races to GTA Online. This is the first of several updates released this summer. A significant update for modification enthusiasts was also announced, which will bring many vehicle improvements to the performance and appearance of your cart. This update should implement an adjustment scenario in GTA online mode.

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