Xbox Game Pass April 2021: GTA 5, Outriders, and more

In this list, you will find all games included in the paid Game Pass subscription service for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One in April 2021. The following is a list of all Game Pass games produced for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One in April 2021. From the date listed in parentheses, all Game Pass subscribers can download the game, and in addition to the subscription fee, they can also play the game for free.

These Xbox games are new features of Game Pass in April 2021
The following headings are already known, and more announcements will almost certainly be made during this month.

Outskirts (April 1)
Grand Theft Auto 5 (April 8)
Zombie Army 4: Dead Battle (April 8)
It rained during the parade (April 15)
Major League Baseball: The Show 21 (April 20)
The second extinction (April 28)
Destroy everyone! (April 29)
It can only be played with an Ultimate subscription:

Adventures of Disneyland (April 8/Cloud Edition)
Peak: Disney/Pixar Adventure (April 8/Cloud Version)
NHL 21 (April 12)
Highlights of April: Outriders

This is what it means: in Outriders, humans want to colonize the alien planet Enoch. However, when the so-called first city was built, there was a significant energy storm, and this “abnormal phenomenon” drove most people away. Strangely, a group of insurgents seemed to have no immunity to this energy and were trapped in the ruins of the city. They also hoped that other settlers would also shake their heads. Of course, as Outriders, we cannot allow this and will fight the insurgents from now on.

Shooting is carried out from the third-person perspective, similar to the “Gears of War” game, and you can avoid cover and various obstacles in Outrider. By choosing one of the four categories, we can also get different special attacks, such as flamingo fire attacks.

This is why you should play it: because Outriders borrowed a lot of skills from other loot shooters like Destiny, but it was not designed for longevity and will end at some point. Therefore, it may be the first shooting game of its kind that you can truly complete.

These games will leave Game Pass in April.
As with every month, there are not only entries for the game passes but also some exits. Therefore, certain games will also be removed from the “Game Pass” in April. The following headings are involved.

Kato Roberto
Could you send us the moon?
It would help if you didn’t miss it

What is a game pass?
Game Pass is a paid game service for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One, which allows you to access more than 200 games. There is a “normal” version and Game Pass Ultimate, including Xbox Live Gold membership and other unique features (xCloud access, EA Play games). If you want to play online multiplayer games, you need Xbox Live Gold.

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