New Games for Xbox Game Pass in April 2021

April brought a great shooter. You can play Zombie Army 4: Dead War. We have summarized the games added in April in Xbox Game Pass for you, and you can play these games on your PC. We will also list titles that are no longer available through the service as of this month.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Alone or with three friends, you will face an army of undead in a dark and brutal shooting game. In the fictional reality of 1946, the Second World War is still in full swing. However, you are dealing with Nazi zombies. The action game combines elements of survival and horror. You will rarely find a safe place or ammunition, and you must manage to deal with a large number of terrifying undead creatures. You may even encounter weird boss monsters, which are best dealt with with the team.

Pathway mixes the adventures of Indiana Jones with the tactical battles of the Jagged Alliance franchise. You must form a team of adventurers in 1936 to search for ancient tombs and valuable artifacts in the desert. But the Nazis make your life difficult because they also want to find out secrets, and who knows for what purpose they abuse secrets. In turn, you can fight enemies and unlock new places and adventures. It is essential to use the skills of the troops tactically to achieve victory.

Rain on your Parade
In the rain in the parade, you are a dark cloud, and you want to spoil the fun of people. For this, you have to travel across the country and let rain or snowfall where you want. Master 50 levels, in which you can complete many tasks and challenges. Rain in the parade is full of humor and provides exciting gameplay.

These games leave Xbox Game Pass
March 15, 2021:
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