NBA 2K21 MyTeam Mode unlimited match lineup recommendation

In NBA 2K21 MyTeam mode, players can form a lineup to challenge other players in the Infinite Tournament, so what are the better player cards in the current card pool? Please see the NBA 2K21 MyTeam mode complete lineup recommendation shared by NBA2KCards, hoping to bring some help to all players.

The picture below is the current infinite lineup.

Defender selection
Pink Diamond Ball + Galaxy Jordan / Galaxy Wade + Galaxy McGrady
The ball has excellent defense and the advantage of height. The improved shooting bag is also relatively comfortable, but the dribbling bag is entirely satisfactory. So my point is matched with Jordan. The excellent Curry dribble bag can be used as the second point guard in the game. Simultaneously, the defensive ability is complete, and the 3-point shooting ability is also considered middle and upper. I generally like point guards or The minutes have an excellent dribbling bag as a match. Wade has excellent back-to-travel and quick stop shooting ability. Defensive and finishing are also considered top 3 among point guards. Tracy McGrady has amazing shooting ability and finishing ability, and his height and model are also considered defensively. Not bad.

Small forward selection
Pink Diamond Terry Di Singer/Galaxy Butler
At the small forward position, I tend to shoot steadily and have the ability to end with the ball. Sometimes I can bully the opposing defensive small forward, so I choose the dentist and Butler, who have the same dribbling bag as Curry.

Insider selection
Pink Diamond Letters + Galaxy AD/ Galaxy James + Galaxy Dream
I like power forwards and center forwards to be fast to rotate quickly when defensively cut. I chose letters with ad and James with big dreams. The wingspan model of letters can make up for an ad, the same big dream. Rebounding can also make up for James’ lack of height, but these four have good rebounding ability. If you play five outside, you need to defend with 3 per capita, and the letters have a very stable foot. If you receive the ball at the top of the arc or 45 degrees, you will choose to call the pick and roll breakthrough or back hit to pull people in or back hit bottom to step forward. Turning around can quickly get in and under the rim and then choose to dunk or score again. Antetokounmpo’s excellence lies in his defensive ability to change the game.

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