NBA 2K21 Dark Matter Michael Jordan leads Pantheon All Star card pack introduction

NBA 2K21 finally released the Pantheon All-Star card pack containing 99-rated Dark Matter player cards at the beginning of the fifth season. This time there are two Dark Matter players, Michael Jordan and Zion Williamson. Please see the NBA shared by NBA2KCards below. 2K21 Dark Matter Jordan introduces the Pantheon All-Star card pack, hoping to bring some help to players.

NBA 2K21 Locker Code
Reward: All-Star Pantheon Pack, Badge Pack or 3 Tokens
Expiration Date: 3/12/21

The new code is as shown in the picture above. You can draw out tokens, card packs, and badges. It isn’t very sensible to say that this badge card pack does not have a purple chapter. It is entirely “polluted” by the existence of the reward pool.

Specific list

Pantheon All Star card pack introduction

This time there are a large number of Pantheon All-Star card packs. Jordan and Zion have unexpectedly become the first batch of Dark Matter players with 99 abilities. They also announced that 2K21 has officially entered the Dark Matter card stage in the fifth season. At the same time, they also have their own—comic version. Besides, both the comics Ray Allen and Sexton in the picture can be obtained through quests.

Player Reviews

The Galaxy PAUL GEORGE in the Thunder Period
On the stage, this card has no bright spots in attributes, and the dribble bag and shooting are also perfect. He is a super striker who can shoot and dunk both offensively and defensively. The badge comes with 29 purple, including key badges such as the long-range turret, performance moment, first step, death coil, etc. Although Dark Matter stole the limelight in this card pack, this Galaxy PG13 is not to be ignored! It’s a pity that he can’t play SG, which reduces his height advantage.

The benchmark for big point guards, Galaxy Magic Johnson, is also here. However, the attributes of this card are not remarkably different from the previous pink diamonds. The three-point score is raised from 84 to 89, the three-speed is increased from 93 to 95, and the snap button is extended from 85 to 90. The main enhancement point is the badge, from 11 purple to 30 purple. If the comic version is 32 purple, the extra pick-and-roll shots and fake shots are the same as the masters (red circle in the picture below) and the magicians. The long-range turrets, performance moments, and death coils are all still golden, and the badges are perfect. But if he is there, Galaxy Wall’s motivation is a little bit less. It feels like when Wall comes out, Dark Matter Magic Johnson will be coming.

Vince Carter is the only 98 Galaxy in this card pack. This card has 99 bounces and snaps, as well as a purple performance moment (the next-generation button master). It is the top buckler. Besides, his three-pointers have also been promoted to the elite level and a 95 double-speed and defense above the pass line. In terms of badges, 39 purple medals include long-range turrets, marksman, first step, ankle terminator, conversion master, dribbling veteran, death coil, and so on. However, the height of 1.98 meters will not be enough to see in the later stage of the game, so Kobe Jordan is unable to do as he wants in the game as in reality.

Next, our Dark Matter’s turn to debut, first of all, 2K’s closest friend ZION. When working on his data chart, I couldn’t help but marvel that it was too strong…In terms of offense, Zion Williamson’s weak three-pointer also gave him an entire 94+ hot zone, and his finishing ability is currently the only one. , Standing dunks and sudden dunks are all 99, four dunk tendencies are also 100, and it has the most 16 final purple chapters at present! Zion Williamson is too scary for the Tigers, with 96 dual-speed with 98 power and 98 bounce and top rebounding ability in terms of physical fitness. Although he is only 1.98 meters tall, he has the most comprehensive body of all 2K and heavier weight than many centers, so the modeling influence is not that big. As for the badge, 41 purple chapters are the first in the world, but it should be noted that only the comic version has the long-range purple fort, which is why the price gap between him and the regular version is so large.

Finally, let’s look at the god of basketball Michael Jordan. This card scored 99 points in mid-range, close-in, and lateral shifts and gave a three-pointer of 94, the same as Zion Williamson. However, this Dark Matter is not as exaggerated as the 2K “pro son” Zion. Its most significant advantage lies in its perfect defense and 98 double speed. In terms of badges, 39 purple is also slightly less than Zion Williamson, but it has shooting purple medals such as hot spot hunters and sharpshooters. Still, only the comic version has the remote fort purple medals, and you need to add money to buy them.

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