NBA 2K21 My Career players import MyTeam teaching MC self-built players to import MT method

NBA 2K21 players can import their brilliant career players into MT, so how to complete these steps? Please see the NBA 2K21 brilliant career player introduction MT teaching shared this time, and I hope it can help all players.

Step 1: First, go to the My Career (MC) mode and create a random account.

Step 2: Choose to skip the prologue and enter the NBA.

Step 3: Pick a team at random.

Step 4: Enter the block directly on the player interface.

Step 5: Find this building in the block. The huge MT sign is easy to find.

Step 6: Go in through the small door on the side and start making cards. You can choose a shameful posture and finally watch an MT promotional video.

Step 7: Go back to MT mode-Collection-Miscellaneous-You can see your MC player card in your brilliant career.

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