NBA 2K21 MyTeam mode gameplay Tips

Several new NBA 2K21 locker codes have arrived, providing MyTeam fans with the opportunity to obtain various rewards in popular game modes. One of the regulations provides a chance to get a free Flash 7 pack, which can offer high-quality cards to James Harden, Dirk Nowitzki, and other stars. In the ESPN NBA game last Friday, the new Flash 7 pack was put on the market in MyTeam mode on February 26, including the late Malik Sealy’s pink diamonds, Diamond Andrea Bargnani, and so on. The top cards in the combination include retired star Dirk Nowitzki’s Galaxy Opals and the current NBA All-Star reserve team James Harden. Here we share the NBA 2K21 MyTeam mode gameplay Tips with everyone.

  1. High-difficulty playing on the computer eats up the player’s hot zone. The three-point ability value of 90 without a hot spot is still 0 in ten, and two points are more than 85. If there is no hot zone inside, it is also one in ten.
  2. This generation is challenging to play inside. Most of the inside players have a high defensive tendency, and the inside hook shots are very fast, much faster than 20.
  3. In the initial five tigers, I chose the shark. I upgraded the sporty type for the second time to play inside dunks, but it didn’t feel straightforward to use. You can try to lock the shark against sharks. The most significant improvement in sports is lateral agility by more than 20. Generally speaking, the Sharks are magnificent defensively, and the offense may be worse. Personally, the hook feels uncomfortable.
  4. Get a diamond bird. The hot zone is already considered good, and the shooting action is also good. As a fixed-point shooter is good, the disadvantage is that the dribbling and speed are not very good.
  5. I bought the collector’s version of Kirby for a long time. It isn’t easy to upgrade. It feels hell-level. The hot zone is impoverished. There is no hot zone for three-pointers. The three-point ability is also deficient, but the upgrade requires 50 three-pointers. It’s okay to breakthrough, and it’s easy to break in with the master. It’s almost impossible to shoot two or three-pointers.
  6. Many ruby ​​cards have no hot spots. If there are nobody model and breakthrough, I feel that it is a free card.

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