How to add points for NBA 2K21 Finishing Badge? Recommended by Finishing Badge

How to add points for NBA2K21 Finishing Badge? In the game, what to choose for Finishing Badge in MT mode, I believe everyone is curious, this Our brought NBA2K21 Finishing Badge recommendation, interested friends should not miss it.

This generation:

Acrobat: Increased the hit rate for confrontational layups (including strong start, European step, right stick layup, etc., which can take aggressive animation actions). This badge is the icing on the cake. When the model has an advantage or the ability has a gift, it is easy to produce two plus one animations, but it is weaker than 2k20. After all, there are too many jumps.

Consistent Finisher: A badge that must be triggered by advanced finishing actions such as European step, jump, and so on, but it’s not so powerful under the background of not jumping, and it can increase the hit rate.

Contact Finisher: This generation ends the T0 chapter and directly adds deductions. Must add

Fancy Footwork: Same as a stuntman, but this one is not for adding a hit. This one is for increasing the probability of squeezing the defender through confrontation. Priority is more significant than special effects.

Giant Slayer: The dwarf chapter. Every inch shorter than the defender adds some finishing percentage, up to 6 inches.

Pro Touch: A severely underrated chapter (this generation only). The perfect window to add and end directly, the hot spot hunter of the end version.

Rentless Finisher: A good chapter. This generation often loses physical strength because of sliding steps. This chapter can maintain a hit even if the physical strength is less, but pay attention to the red blood deduction is still reduced. It is best to use the red blood time to divide the ball.

Slithery Finisher: Chapter T0, but purple is not necessary. It directly reduces physical resistance and indirectly adds deduction. If there is a gold one, it’s OK.
Cross-Key Scorer: This generation is useless. It will be triggered when there is a strange action similar to horse-riding and archery at the edge of the penalty area (this is the peculiar action when you occasionally push the direction when you want to dunk. Yes, I know you did it). If the next generation has this chapter, it will be a killer, but unfortunately, it will not be.
Backdown punisher: Can push people with their backs. The premise is that the attacker’s power attribute is very high, or the defender’s internal defense is meager. Otherwise, the effect is not apparent. I understand that the back body is not stable, but it doesn’t matter if it is misplaced. Anyway, if it is absent, it can be eaten by itself. It’s nice to have a gold one in this chapter.
Deep Hooks: Increase the hit rate of the hook without the perfect window. Can cooperate with excellent hand feeling.
Dropstepper: Whether the sinking step can squeeze people away depends more on the model’s weight and ability value. This badge can only ensure that the ball will not be broken, and there will often be an animation of sinking the ball and passing the ball. This chapter is missing. Therefore, it is unnecessary to have this chapter sinking to the bottom to squeeze the people, and sometimes it will be over if it is misplaced and falling to the bottom.
Fastbreak Finisher: Add the ruler, but only add yourself, the icing on the cake.

Lob City Finisher: No inclinations, only hits. Without the next generation of Imba, adding a little purple to MC will unlock some animations, but MT doesn’t seem to be.

Pick & Roller: Useless chapter. The pick-and-roll hits mainly depend on the badge and the hardness of the cut-in person.

Putback Boss: The icing on the cake. Add ability without inclinations. Occasionally there will be match-fixing.

Showtime: Much better than the fast break terminator. Abuse of the vegetable gods chapter often slapped five masters.

Acrobat: Same generation.

Fearless Finisher: A powerful finisher of the same generation.

Giant Slayer: I don’t know if it is different from this generation, but I think the 2k lazy dog ​​should not move.

Pro Touch: It is tough to end interference for the next generation. So this chapter is not decisive for the next generation—no need to add points.
Slithery Finisher: It must be added.

Tear Dropper:?

Heat Seaker: The next generation dominates the bar, the more critical it is in the later stages. Add some gold if you have the ability.

Deep Hooks: Same generation.

Dropstepper: Same generation.

Dreamshake: Shake you. Does anyone care about you?

Highlight Film: The same as the hot-blooded punching frame. The icing on the cake that works well doesn’t matter if you don’t have one.

Hook Specialist: Same generation.

Lob City Finisher: The next generation chapter is powerful. A version needs to be added after the air pick is cut once, and the purple one is very hard.

Posterizor: Add a little, and it’s all done. Something must be added.

Post Spin Technican: This chapter has the first-rate effect of stealing a chicken. Conditionally give an outside player a miraculous effect.

Putback Boss: Same generation. However, I feel that the next-generation frontcourt tends to be very high, which can be added.

Rise Up: A strong chapter. Stable trigger, but the premise is that the player’s deduction ability is okay.

The above is all the content recommended by NBA2K21 Finishing Badge, and I hope it will help everyone in the game.

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