PS5 supply situation will gradually improve in the second half of 2021

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PS5 has been in short supply since its launch. Unless the price increases, it is difficult for ordinary players to buy this new console. In a recent interview with foreign media, SIE President Jim Ryan talked about the PS5 supply shortage. Although he can’t disclose when the supply will be stable at the moment, Jim Ryan promised in the interview: new capacity and new production capacity after Christmas. Vitality will increase the pool, the supply of PS5 will increase every month, and the situation will soon get better.

In an interview with foreign media, in this interview, the foreign press asked Jim Ryan about finding a PS5. Ryan said that the demand for PS5 is greater than the company expected. The situation may eventually improve, but it may take some time.

Ryan said: “I can only say that we are working as hard as possible. As you may have learned, we sold 4.5 million PS5s at the end of December the last year, which is more than the PS4 sold in 2013. That is already the high level of the PlayStation generation. Faced with all these (difficult) situations last year, we think this is a pretty good result. Among consumers who bought a PS5, 1/4 did not have a PS4, and About half of the consumers are new to the PlayStation Network service. It’s great to bring in more people from outside the existing player base. The situation will get better every month throughout 2021. The pace of improvement in the supply chain will continue to accelerate throughout the year, so by the second half of 2021, you will see good numbers.”

As for the low output, Jim Ryan also explained: Under the epidemic, the supply chain situation is more complicated than before. “You know, an obvious example is the difficulties faced by the semiconductor market. Whether cars, smartphones, PCs, or game consoles, these areas are facing this problem extensively. Besides, we have to switch to a completely online distribution model, something we have never done before. Finally, it is the PS5. The demand for PS5. These reasons all combine to make the PS5 supply tight.”

Finally, Jim Ryan said: “We are working as always, but with the new production capacity and vitality after Christmas, the supply will increase every month. The situation is also hopeful that it will get better. We have been spared no effort to increase production. , And I really can’t say more.”

Due to the impact of the epidemic, many people live at home, and the demand for games and other entertainment products is increasing. This shows that both Sony and Microsoft are facing challenges. On the other hand, Mike Spencer, head of Microsoft’s investor relations, previously revealed in an interview with the New York Times that the supply of new Xbox consoles will be restricted until June.

The recent crown pneumonia epidemic blockade has increased the demand for the latest game consoles and software from gamers, thus driving the profit of Sony’s gaming division to set a new record for the fiscal year ending in March. Earlier this month, Sony raised its gaming department’s annual revenue forecast, mainly due to improved sales of gaming software, services, and accessories. But in the past year, the demand for semiconductor components from the automotive industry to smartphones has surged. The interruption of semiconductor manufacturing caused by the epidemic has also exacerbated the supply crisis. Analysts predict that it will take several months for the chip industry to recover.

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