Everything you need to know about the new NBA 2K21 Player Evaluation Update

NBA 2K21 is constantly evolving and with the introduction of Season 5, players are getting one of the most potent batches of quality cards/players. The list includes names like Luka Donic, Kevin Durant, Shaquille O’Neal, and many more. So, if you’re planning to up your NBA 2K21 game this season, make sure to stick around for the entire roster review.
The new set of Galaxy player cards come with unique and powerful abilities. However, the comic versions of the most coveted Luka Doncic and O’Neil do not offer any extra abilities and are rather alternate skins. But, the others come with significant upgrades that promise to upgrade your team to the next level.

List of Player Reviews
1.Pink Diamond Malone– Pink Diamond Malone is the first player/card with no missions. The makes the “postman” who is an NBA 2K21 MT exclusive player a significantly worse choice. That being said, Malone is by no means bad. With his 90-double speed, he is a top choice when the interior is concerned. Malone is a top pick for any small team composition, where he shines in the center.

2.Odom– Odom is still one of the best all-rounders in the game. Standing at 2.08m tall, he is one of the best picks for the third position. His galaxy level also peaks at level 23 thanks to his purple chapters, making him reasonably stronger compared to his peers.

3.Wallace– Elvis Wallace is like the Jack of all trades but master of none. Historically he is known for a great price to performance ratio. He is tough, fast, and can hold his own in a difficult situation. Wallace is also a great shooter and can reasonably score three-pointers, and comes with sixteen purple chapters.

4.Luka Doncic– Now it’s a tie for the big guns. The Galaxy Luka Doncic is an all-rounder card where his three-pointer ratings reach a score of 95. Even his shooting speed is an upgrade from his diamond counterpart and he even comes with a purple short-range turret. So, if you’re looking for a reliable point guard in NBA 2K21 MT, Luka is the man for the job.

5.Kevin Durant– Kevin Durant is the Luca of three-pointers. If you’re looking for the best point guard in the game who also doubles as a striker, Kevin is your guy. His only drawback is that he has gold medals. Also, you can achieve double speed with a pair of Ke-6 shoes. All in all, Kevin’s total collection of thirty-one purple medals makes him a worthy pick for any team.

6.Galaxy Shaquille O’Neal– Shaquille O’Neal is a double-edged sword. He cannot score three-pointers which makes him a bad choice for the center position. However, his inability to score three-pointers is overshadowed by his 94-double speed. O’Neal can easily go head to head with any top-tier defender, making him a force to be reckoned with when it comes to 1v1s.

Stephen Curry has become the most highly rated player in the game following the first half of the 2020-2021 NBA regular season. Other players who also received a boost in ratings are Zach LaVine, Domantas Sabonis, and Zion Williamson. All of these players received a +1 rating, whereas Tyrese Haliburton, LaMelo both received +2 rating thanks to their consistent performance in the court.
The NBA 2K21 my team also received new Galaxy additions which are discussed later in the article. All of these players have performed exceptionally well and guarantees a fair advantage if you can get them from the new packs. Now let’s discuss exactly how good these players are in the playoffs.

Player Reviews
1.Stephen Curry– Stephen Curry comes has accumulated an overall rating of 96 and comes with 45 badges. Two of the badges come from the Hall of Fame. Steph is an all-rounder with a special emphasis on offense and will always be a great addition to your roster if you manage to get it from the packs.

2.LaMelo Ball– LaMelo comes with 10 badges, raising his score to a total of 83 as an organizer.

3.Zion Williamson– Zion Williamson comes with a total of 33 badges, one of which is from the Hall of Fame.

4.Ben Simmons– Simmons clocks an overall rating of 88 on 2W Slashing Playmaker and comes with a total of 39 badges.
5.Chris Paul- Paul scores a whopping 87, also on the 2W Slashing Playmaker, and comes with a total of 49 badges.

New Galaxy Players Review
1.Galaxy Jamal Murray– Don’t let the 1.93m high Murray fool you. Though he is not in the 2m range, he definitely doesn’t suffer from a point guard. His key attributes are 96 three points, 95 sudden deductions, 89 steals, and 94 thread speed, including long-range turrets and 23 medals. Murray’s stats are good enough to give him a competitive lead in the upper echelons of the competition. His dribbling abilities are mainstream Pro2. The only drawback is the lack of tasks which is a pain when it comes to collecting experience.

2.Pink Diamond Terry Rozier III– Even among the comparatively shorter point guards, Rozier is pretty weak. He stands at 1.85m tall but players such as Jeremy Lin overshadow him when it comes to performance. However, in terms of stats, Rozier can hold his own with attributes such as 97 three points, 94 thread speed, 85 steals, 95 stamina, and 95 on hands inside scoring. He is not a canon, but will undoubtedly be a great addition to your NBA 2K21 MT line-up.

3.Diamond Brandon Ingram– Although the actual value of diamond cards is not high, Brandon Ingram is a worthwhile buy if you have a space available in your team. His top attributes include three-pointers, sudden bucks, and two speeds all of which are scored at 90. He also has 13 purple badges including conversion master, bottom corner expert, first step, etc. Brandon is a fairly consistent player and can be a valuable addition to your team.

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