NBA 2K21 Season 5 Full Reward Card Obtaining Method and Intensity Analysis

The fifth season of NBA 2K21 MyTeam mode has been launched, and many bonus cards have been updated in the fifth season. Some of these cards require time and some cost, but which strengths are good? Please see the NBA 2K21 Season 5 complete reward card acquisition method and intensity analysis shared by nba2kcards, hoping to bring some help to all players. The fifth season of 2K21 has officially started. The theme of the season is AGE OF HEROES. NBA stars will be transformed into superheroes in Meimanli. It looks very novel. 2K is getting better and better. Besides, some changes have taken place in the system during the fifth season, as follows:
1. The season is shortened to 35 days, and the mission experience will be improved.
2. The total number of rings in the limited-time match is 5, and the number of wins in the infinite game will be reduced.
3. Canceled the card pack animation of the purple card (great)
4. Many exciting activities will be organized during the All-Star period.
5. The online 33 drop mode is changed, and more tokens will not be obtained (as shown below)

Quantum Theme Pack

The fifth season’s first theme package is called “Quantum,” “which is also an excellent name. It includes three Galaxy cards, but because the amount of information at the beginning of the season is too large, let’s talk about the bonus cards today.

Comic hero

Comic heroes are the theme of this season. As shown in the picture above, gather two funny hero players to unlock the final player rewards. From the picture, it should be Zion and Jordan, but they are not known yet. Maybe they will be. What about “dark matter”?
There are currently seven comic heroes available, and their specific methods are as follows:
Galaxy O’Neill: withdraw from the Quantum Card Pack or buy directly.
Galaxy Doncic: Withdraw from the Quantum Card Pack or buy directly
Purple Petkovic: withdraw from the Quantum Card Pack or buy directly
Purple Ginobili: Complete the corresponding tasks (series of functions)
Red Kafar: Complete the corresponding task (spotlight task)
Red Card Gwen: Complete the corresponding task (scheduled task)
Red Card Robinson: withdraw from the Quantum Card Pack or buy directly

Season rewards
This season’s full-level reward is 98 Galaxy, David Robinson. The Admiral is the strongest of the four critical centers (in the game), but 2K has not released his specific attributes. It seems to be based on this season. The tempo is set, and the province will BUFF like last season’s small card.

Three threats
Galaxy Peja is a single-player three-threat 1,000-win reward. From the attribute, he is a pure pitcher. Except for the high three-pointer, other features are relatively ordinary, far inferior to last season’s Galaxy Clay.
This Don Orr, who has never heard of the name, is an out-of-the-box reward for three threats. The attributes are excellent. The three-pointers and snaps are above 90, the three-speed is as high as 98, and there are 26 purple medals, but it depends on luck. Anyway, I have played more than 400 games with a single 33. The player has never seen it once.

Limited time match rewards
This season, only five rings are required to receive the limited-time reward player. He is Gasol Gasol. However, 2K has not announced his specific attributes at present, and itis estimated that he would not know until the end.

Infinite tournament rewards
The ultimate reward for this season’s online unlimited game is Galaxy Maxwell. Although it is not familiar with the ancient celebrities, this card’s strength is insufficient: fast dunks and defensive defense are also good. Magic Curry has the same Pro2 back luck. And it’s also an SG with a height of 2 meters 03 and a wingspan of 2.15 meters. Unfortunately, there is no long-range turret purple badge.

Flop rewards
This season’s flop award is also an ancient player. His ability is similar to the Maxwell above, but the modeling and badges are far inferior to him, so it’s still not very useful. If you can find it, collect +1.

Token market

This season’s token market has updated five cards, but there is only one Galaxy card: the ancient defensive iron gate: Moses Malone. This Galaxy Malone’s attribute badge is not wrong. Its two-speed reached 89, and its luck speed is also 87. With the first step, the purple chapter can break through most center defenses with the ball from the outside, and it also gives 85 three points. The purple branches such as catching and shooting and corner experts have made up for his usual weaknesses. The sneakers are recommended to continue to strengthen the speed and maximize the advantage!

The tasteless exchange is still tacky in the fifth season. Galaxy Lu Hudson has been updated, but it takes eight pink diamonds and many low-level cards to exchange it. I feel that its ability is not worth the price. The same goes for diamonds Middleton and Purple Bird, who is also updated to the exchange.

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