NBA 2K21 Galaxy Yao Ming player Card ability analysis

The NBA 2K21 season 5 of the fantasy team welcomes the era of heroes! In the coming weeks, we will witness the birth of the 3rd Infinite Fantasy Team 250,000 Grand Prix Championship, hold the Fantasy Team NBA All-Star event, and appreciate the powerful lineup created by everyone with new weekly rewards and cards. NBA 2K21 launched the Galaxy Yao Ming player card on the Chinese New Year occasion, and Yao Ming has always been the supermodel card in this series of games. Both the actual combat and the collection are excellent. Please see the NBA 2K21 Galaxy Yao Ming shared by the player NBA 2K21 below. Player card ability analysis, hope to bring some help to all players.

Player profile
Yao Ming, “All-star starting center, retired jersey and being selected into the Hall of Fame,” these three achievements alone are enough to make Yao Ming a basketball player with “unprecedented and fearless” in China and even Asia. Had it not been for that damn injury, Yao Ming’s career would have been more brilliant and unsurpassable!

Player data

Attribute highlights: 96 blocks + 95 stops + 96 strength
Attribute weakness: 73 three points + 68 double speed + 68 lateral movement
Attribute comment: There are a lot of bright spots in the attributes of Galaxy Yao Ming. His speed and three-pointers are far below the current qualification standards for insiders. This also makes the price of Galaxy Yao Ming drop again and again. It is also recommended to give priority to making up for his shoes. Two disadvantages. However, Yao Ming’s three-point performance in actual combat is not as bad as his attributes, which will be discussed in detail below.

Badge analysis

Number of badges: 18 gold and 20 purple

Highlights of the badge: catcher, back-punisher, sinking step master, bronze wall and iron wall, defensive core, frame protection elite

Additional suggestions: Ten cents, long-range turrets, performance moments, death coil

Proposal for rising purple: bottom corner expert, master punching board

Badge comments: Yao Ming’s badge configuration is not bad. The catcher’s purple badge + hot spot hunter and bottom corner expert gold badge can make up for the lack of three-point attributes. You can hit ten cents and long-range turrets to enhance his support and range.

Modeling analysis

Yao Ming has the top height modeling in 2K (2 meters 28), which is why the game has always suppressed his attributes. The final version of Yao Ming with two speeds above 90 is estimated to have to wait until the appearance of “dark matter.” Graduated super center!

Player comparison
In terms of player comparison, although Yao Ming’s height advantage is obvious, 2K21 pays more attention to the player’s speed, so it will be more difficult to defend those centers whose speed and possession are above 80. And this game weakens the inside back’s efficiency, which is why Yao Ming is not popular with traditional centers.

Hot zone
Although Yao Ming’s shooting bag is a bit slow, it is still relatively easy to press. The probability of shooting green in actual combat is about 70%.
Yao Ming’s dribbling should be forgotten. Let’s not say that his dribbling speed is deficient. Even his height is effortless to be intercepted. I just wanted to show off the dribble in the infinite game, and Olajuwon directly blocked me.

Blocking ability
After Yao Ming has used so many games, I think he is the top player in blocking shots! Although it may be easily broken, the probability of chasing the cap is extremely high! You can also resist pink diamond letters in the basket!
Yao Ming is best at blocking shots outside the three-point line. Opponents often neglect his defense because of his slow speed, but who knows that the “big net covering the sky” is coming!

Report summary
In general, this Yao Ming’s weakness is not as evident as shown in the attributes. In actual combat, his three-pointer still needs to be guaranteed. Sneakers and coaches can adequately compensate for the speed problem, and Yao Ming’s modeling advantage must not be ignored. So this Galaxy Yao Ming can’t be said to be the best center today, but it is still one of the best choices.

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