NBA 2K21 Galaxy James player card analysis

NBA 2K21 recently launched the Galaxy James player card during the Heat period. It is also a mighty one in the current player card pool. Please see the analysis of the NBA 2K21 Galaxy James player card shared by NBA2KCARDS below. I hope to bring you some help.

Suppose James’ career is divided into four stages. In that case, I think that the most potent form should be Cavaliers 2.0 James. His masterpiece is 1 to 3 Desperate Reversal 73 Warriors and the ultimate personal hero performance in Cavaliers’ last year. The second-ranked form should be the Heat James. James was questioned and vilified during this period, but he was crowned king with four years and two championships. Now 36-year-old James is still the face of the NBA. Maybe only when he retires will people cherish everything LeBron James has done for basketball.

Player data

Attribute analysis
Attribute highlights: 90 three points +95 sudden buckle +90 power +96 lateral movement +94 three speed
Attribute weakness: none
Attribute comments: This Galaxy James can’t find any pee points in attributes (if you have to struggle with shooting IQ, you can’t help it), even the consistently low three-pointer is over 90, and there is full coverage of hot spots, Is currently the most versatile player in the striker position. The sneakers are mainly Ke 6-speed shoes, which can directly stretch James’s three-speed.

Badge analysis

Defense and Rebounding

Number of badges: 34 gold and 28 purple
Badge highlights: first step master, ten cents, conversion master, organizational core, defensive core, catcher, and shooter. Additional suggestions: veteran dribbling, punching master, intense shooter (next generation). Long-range turret, death coil
Badge comment: Yinhe James has the most 28 purple medals, and 2K is also a good example. One of the things that must be added is the veteran dribbling player. If you happen to have a long-range turret, performance moment, or death-entangled purple badge in your hand, you can also promote old Zhan.

Modeling analysis

James’s modeling hasn’t been faulted in the past MTs. Although it is not as BT as the letter brother, it is also first-class modeling, especially after the height is raised to 2 meters 06, even if it is placed on the 4th. The bit is no problem. And the width of its model is not much different from the “fat” Zion.

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